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How to Keep Warm On Cold Weather Rides - MOTORESS

How to Keep Warm On Cold Weather Rides

A bit of chilliness can be invigorating, but prolonged cold is dangerous for any rider and may even lead up to frostbite. And, staying warm while riding is more important than you might imagine.

Four Simple Exercises To Overcome Motorcycle Ride Stiffness - MOTORESS

Four Simple Exercises To Overcome Motorcycle Ride Stiffness

Here are some great and simple yoga moves to combat motorcycle ride stiffness. These stretches are especially selected for women motorcycle riders, and particularly useful after a long day’s motorcycle or scooter tour.

Guide To Motorcycle Touring Luggage - MOTORESS

All You Need To Know About Buying Motorcycle Touring Luggage

Packing a motorcycle has always been a challenge due to the obvious lack of stowage availability and the need to ensure it endures the elements. But that’s the fun of it all – getting by with less! And buying motorcycle touring luggage that works, will make your ride all the easier!

Tips For Great Autumn Motorcycle Rides - MOTORESS

13 Things That Make For Great Autumn Motorcycle Rides

Some of the best roads to ride are enjoyed in autumn. Riding amidst autumn’s conditions can be challenging however, with preparation and planning your autumn motorcycle rides will be awesome, and safe!

How To Overcome Fatigue on Long Motorcycle Rides - MOTORESS

How To Prevent and Overcome Fatigue on Motorcycle Rides

Fatigue contributes highly to automobile accidents; fatigue is certainly a greater danger for a rider. And if you’re riding with other people it’s definitely a topic which needs to be discussed. To avoid falling asleep and overcome fatigue on motorcycle rides, follow a few of these basic guidelines.

Preparing for a Motorcycle Trip on MOTORESS

How To Pack and Preparing for a Motorcycle Trip

How to pack and prepare for a motorcycle trip means you need to ensure all essentials are included, yet space is limited so you need to travel light.  The guiding rule truly is ‘less is more” which is also a fun part of the adventure of motorcycle touring!

Six Tips for Riding in Hot Weather on MOTORESS

Six Tips That Matter When Riding in Hot Weather

Nothing beats the feeling of the sun on your face or the pleasure felt after a long day riding on clean, dry roads.  Nonetheless, the high reaching temperatures of summer present their own challenges especially since we need to wear our protective motorcycle gear while trying to stay cool.

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard - MOTORESS

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard Delivers Basic Touring Experience

The Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard is for the rider seeking to disconnect from all the noise of the day-to-day through riding. A simplistic approach to providing the pure essentials delivers a motorcycle that provides and heightens the experience of the journey.