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International Female Ride Day Defined

International Female Ride Day (IFRD) launched in 2007, is a globally synchronized motorcycle ride day for women motorcyclists who own, ride, or have access to a motorcycle or scooter.

Fashionista Deb Gasque on MOTORESS

The Long Distance Fashionista with an Iron Butt

Then I met my future husband, a life-long motorcyclist, and my entire life took a turn that I never would have dreamed of for myself. He took me on my first ride, and as the biggest shock to myself and to my whole circle of people, I was hooked.

SCORRA Womens Off Road Day - MOTORESS

Off Road Motorbike Ride Has Kaveri Wanting More!

The rain did little to dampen the spirits of the 20 women who showed up for the Simcoe County Off-Road Riders Association, women’s off road motorbike ride day. The event was to give women a chance to learn basic riding skills, meet other riders and have some fun.

Rwanda’s Only Woman Motorcycle Taxi Driver - MOTORESS

This is Rwanda’s Only Woman Motorcycle Taxi Driver

The small African country is growing rapidly. But Claudine just zigzags her way between rows of backed-up cars. Drivers are changing lanes unexpectedly or suddenly slamming their brakes; riding a motorcycle is not exactly hazard-free; accidents occur daily.

Miss Rider's USA Coast to Coast Motorcycle Trip - Your Story on MOTORESS

Miss Rider’s USA Coast to Coast Motorcycle Trip

After resting in Colorado, I continued east on Interstate 70 alone and very, tired. My throttle hand was so sore, my soul was beaten and my body was giving up from dehydration as the heat soared up to 108 Fahrenheit/42 Celsius.