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Arai Classic-V Helmet on MOTORESS

Arai Classic-V Helmet Offers An Open Face With High Standards

Held to the same high standards as the rest of their helmets, the Classic-V represent Arai’s commitment to time-honoured quality and uncompromising protection. The result is a helmet that pushes performance boundaries and defy expectations.

Three Essential Tips To Buying A Motorcycle Helmet - on MOTORESS

Three Essential Tips To Buying A Motorcycle Helmet

It’s tempting to put style, colour nd price ahead of dull features such as, safety when buying a motorcycle helmet. But the reality is, you need to measure the standards and performance of the helmet foremost.

SCHUBERTH R2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - MOTORESS

New SCHUBERTH R2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Pure and simple, contemporary, multi-functional – SCHUBERTH has reinvented the classic full-face helmet with the R2.  The R2 is suitable for every head and every bike.  The launch of the helmet is…

ARAI CTZ Helmet With Sun Shield - MOTORESS

Arai CT-Z Helmet with Built In Sun Shield

The Arai CT-Z – a cross between an open-face and dual-sport helmet, is another example of Arai’s decades-long tradition of the improving on what works, not simply change for the sake of unproven change.

Motorcycle Riders and Hearing Loss on MOTORESS

Hearing Loss Risks for Motorcycle Riders

The distinguishing and thrilling sound of a motorcycle engine is indeed riveting and loud. And even louder when motorcycle riders add to their machine non-standard exhausts. New studies now show that the…

Luxy Vespa Helmet Concept on MOTORESS

Luxy Vespa Helmet Stylish Women’s Moto Concept

This stylish Luxy Vespa Helmet concept was created by Daniel Don Chang a Product Design student at Art Centre College of Design with focuses on business strategy, branding, lifestyle, furniture, concept and…


Atelier Ruby Helmets Boutique Opened

Three years after the launch of their first helmet, Atelier Ruby Helmets has opened a flagship boutique: Unique and Discreet, A Destination for Connoisseurs. Ruby is located in the centre of Paris…