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Three Essential Tips To Buying A Motorcycle Helmet - on MOTORESS

Three Essential Tips To Buying A Motorcycle Helmet

It’s tempting to put style, colour nd price ahead of dull features such as, safety when buying a motorcycle helmet. But the reality is, you need to measure the standards and performance of the helmet foremost.

Knee Sliders and History - MOTORESS

Knee Sliders for Motorcycle Riders

Generally made from plastic, knee sliders come in all sorts of compounds and colours. The ‘way cool’ versions have patterns running all the way through.

Motorcycle Guide To Buying Gear - MOTORESS

Guide to Buying Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle riding gear is as huge a part of motorcycle riding as the ride itself.  You’ll need to ensure your gear keeps you safe and that it’s comfortable.  Riding in the cold, extreme heat or a downpour of rain can be distracting to your focus to the road.

ARAI CTZ Helmet With Sun Shield - MOTORESS

Arai CT-Z Helmet with Built In Sun Shield

The Arai CT-Z – a cross between an open-face and dual-sport helmet, is another example of Arai’s decades-long tradition of the improving on what works, not simply change for the sake of unproven change.

BMW Motorrad DarkNite Women’s Motorcycle Suit on MOTORESS

BMW Motorrad DarkNite Women’s Motorcycle Gear

The BMW Rider Equipment range for women motorcycle riders brings the addition of the new “DarkNite” motorcycle suit. The designers at BMW Motorrad envisioned a women’s motorcycle suit that would be stylish,…

Motorcycle Boots on MOTORESS

Four Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Motorcycle Boots

It can be difficult to part with your favourite moto kicks, especially after shelling out all that money you spent for them. But being sentimental can not only affect your safety and cause problems, even pain –  down the road. 

Womens Motorcycle Gloves

Womens Motorcycle Gloves -Simplicity At It’s Best

Riding a motorcycle or scooter for long distances- even for a few hours, can be fatiguing to your hands- therefore good Women’s Motorcycle Gloves are crucial. In warm conditions hands become swollen making your gloves feel tight and uncomfortable.