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Ana Carrasco First Moto3 Female Rider

Spanish teenager Ana Carrasco confirmed as the first Moto3 Female Rider to enter the Moto3 World Championship motorcycle racing class. Currently, aged just 15 years of age, she’ll compete for Jaime Fernández Avilés’ Madrid-based JHK Laglisse team in the class for 2013.

Aline from Brazil Shares Her Motocross Adventure Your Story on MOTORESS

Aline from Brazil Shares Her Motocross Adventure

Following generations of lovers of two wheels has also left me involved in this delicious emotion of motorcycling. It really came from my father. Actually, my real passion for bikes is for the adrenaline rush. This is unlike my father.


Just Two Women Riders Among Participants Himalayan Odyssey

Among the swarm of riders zipping across the Delhi-Leh route charted for the Himalayan Odyssey 2011 are a pair of women riders. Indistinguishable under their helmets amidst the other seventy bikers, these…